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"an illustrator and photographer, who practices floral design, tattoos in the free time... sometimes builds furniture."


Some days I want to be a world famous F1 driver. Others, I aspire only to be deeply lost in the nearest library. Always though, the common thread is this fiery heart and mind, which constantly work up my imagination into creating. Living intentionally, entirely - and learning to find lightness amidst trial - I desire to create work that reflects this.

Calgarian, born and raised, I am a true-to-self Canadian visual artist. I’m driven by my life experiences, and by the people I have crossed paths with along the way. At 21, I decided to pursue my passion of fine arts and grow and expand my skills, moving to California for one year, to study and explore the arts. Now, years later, I continue to fully pursue an expanse of creative work, including (but never limited to) illustration, painting, installation design, photography, and floral design.

My main bodies of work are drawn realism, using a variety of tools such as graphite, carbon, and powder pastel. The aim of my work is boldly simple: to create connections, & to appreciate the existing beauty on this earth. I insist on art that is undemanding, yet moving.

Aside, I have an obsessive hobby of cake-making and boxing (... separately), and can surely drink gallons of my favourite brewed, chilled Peruvian tea, Chicha Morada. I am an unashamed foodie, minimalist, and explorer of both cityscape and mountainside. If you stick around, you'll see hints of a longtime deep love for hip-hop in my work, and if you come around, I may whip you up an unforgettable old-style cocktail.



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