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"I don’t recall the first time I started drawing. It has always been part of the way I discover the world and at the center of my creative experimenting.

I sketch constantly. As a child I would trace images and steadily fill in the spaces and experiment with drawn lines and the way they feel. I love the way art can capture something that is real, like an idea, feeling or image, and carry it forward with newness. Art is a way I celebrate beauty in the world.

My craft has long since developed beyond drawings to include paintings, murals and installations. However, a theme carries in my work– of vibrancy, colour and life. I create art that I love, and I hope it brings those who experience it a similar thrill at the beautiful things in this world, the things worth cherishing, and worth stopping to notice."

Avikali is a dear friend of mine, and my go-to for all project collaboration and assistance. With an eye particularly keen for movement, shape, and colour, she's a sound design check-point.

As a team, we have created several mixed-media installation pieces, and Avi has assisted me with both large floral installations as well as murals. In addition, I always tell people that Avi taught me to understand colour, but no one quite realizes that it's truly the case-- I owe all success of my colour paintings to this patient one!

Alongside all of this, Avikali is currently working with the incredible team at Ordinary Folk, and her work can be found here!

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